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Crystal Infused Essential Oil Rollers Spiritual Range

A chakra is defined as a portal of energy where vivacity enters or leaves the human body. These energy portals are found in hundreds of numbers throughout our bodies. But the seven most prominent of the chakras of our body run vertically along our spine from the base of the tailbone or coccyx up to the upper region of the skull.

Every chakra present in the human body rotates & vibrates in its unique pattern & is ruled by its colour, region, gemstone, & other aspects. But, with the presence of rotating chakras, there arises a need to balance the energies passing in & out of the body, for if the chakras get imbalanced, the basic life force and flow of energy gets slowed down. As a result, individuals suffering from chakra imbalance might experience affected bodily functions & affect mind and spirituality functions.

This is when essential oils infused with crystals for chakras come into play. Essential oil & crystal therapy, be it massage or aromatherapy, has been used to aid in chakra imbalances. The healing properties of essential oils & crystals help calm & soothe the chakra vibrations, thereby stimulating the energy flow to & from the particular chakras & helps balance any imbalance that might have occurred in due course of life.