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Orgonites are a blend of resin, metals, & crystals. This simple mixture generates positive bioenergy, balances & harmonizes negative energies. while energy is inside the device metal particles and organic resin both push & pull on it in all directions at the same time. This puts friction on the energy where the crystal will begin to create order from chaos by aligning the structure of the energy into a more positively aligned pattern.

Crystals all have their specific uses & the metals reflect and accelerate the energy charge inside & the crystal purifies the energy. Once the negative energy becomes positive, it is then radiated outside. It’s important to note that property-constructed orgone devices work continuously and without charging.

Orgonite pyramids help to filter and balance energy fields in our environment & can aid in strengthening your energy body by converting low frequency energy into a higher frequency that is more beneficial for life forms including yourself, pets and plants.

All electronics radiate negative etheric energies, for example, smartphones, cell towers, WIFI, smart meters, etc. They all create chaotic etheric frequencies. Orgonite changes the underlying negatively charged energy into balanced & healthy frequencies. This way, it mitigates the harmful effects of the electro-smog.

Each Orgonite is uniquely hand crafted, which makes every orgonite one of a kind. I can make custom ones, please contact me via the email link.