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About Collective Offerings

Collective Offerings is a small family business situated in Auckland New Zealand.  We have always wanted a space where we could showcase & sell our arts, crafts & other goodies affordably but also to offer a hub for Guest in the Tattoo Industry & in Holistic wellness to be able to offer their skills in one place to you all.

We take great pride that our products are made out of our small family business space or locally source while balancing out conscious parenting to our two beautiful toddlers.

Our products that are used throughout this website are all brought in New Zealand & we thrive to support other & local small business The apparel is brought blank from AS colour & Twigs Tattoos creates the designs & we work together to create the final product.

Twigs Tattoos background has been in the tattooing industry for the last 10 years working in various shops in Auckland while expanding his artistic ways through sk8board art  & prints.

I (Tanita) have a background in Massage Therapy, Breathwork, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy & have also been a DoTERRA Wellness Advocate for the past 2 years. through out the years I have gained the knowledge of the power of infusing Crystals with essential oils for optimum results.

By Raising our Vibrations in what we wear, see & smell we raise our vibration as a collective & bring the change we need. 

Here at Collective Offerings, we aim for high quality affordable apparel & holistic products. 

All our home created products are made to order, unique & exclusive to Collective Offerings.

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